ThivanLabs – Fullrange 10 Mark III


ThivanLabs – Fullrange 10 Mark III – Monitor Speakers: This speaker delivers direct and lively sound with impressive efficiency, ideal for tube amplifiers. Although it has a milder frequency response than some systems, the Fullrange 10 MKIII offers powerful bass for its size. Enjoy its spacious sound reproduction. Please note: speaker stands are not included and not available in Europe.

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Product details:

Product: ThivanLabs
Color: Rosewood

Product description:

Experience dynamics and power like never before with the Thivan full-range! This speaker plays extremely directly, dynamically and with a lot of attack, making every note come to life. With more than enough bass and treble and a very high efficiency, these speakers are ideal for use with tube amplifiers. Although they can often be milder than multi-way systems at the extreme frequencies (low and high), the full-range 10 MKIII offers a robust wideband chassis, making the bass considerably powerful for a monitor. The spaciousness of the sound is beautiful and will absolutely delight you! Please note: delivery does not include speaker stands, these are not offered in Europe

Cosmetic description:
These are brand new speakers in an open box, unused


-Sensitivity: 96 dB
-Impedance: 8 Ohms
-Frequency response 36Hz-18kHz (+/- 6dB)
-Power handling 80 Wrms
-Amplifier suggestion of 5W/channel
-Case dimensions (W x D x H/block) 35 x 33 x 50
-Weight (kg/2 blocks) 30 kg



-2 year warranty