TFA Certificate

Our Taste for Audio Guarantee

What does the TFA certificate mean for you?

Discover the 'high-five' of our warranty with the 'TFA certificate.'

Pre-owned audio equipment offers you the opportunity to enjoy high-quality sound at an attractive price while contributing to a more sustainable world. However, concerns about potential hidden defects can dampen your purchase experience. The TFA certificate alleviates these concerns through a thorough and transparent verification process.

Your additional assurance is guaranteed through the following detailed steps:

Thorough Inspection

We begin with a careful examination that establishes the origin and history of the device, assesses its strengths and weaknesses, and verifies the presence of all essential accessories such as remote controls and manuals.

Comprehensive Testing Procedure

Each device undergoes an extensive series of tests to ensure reliability and quality.

Deep Cleaning and Maintenance

Based on the evaluated condition, the device is thoroughly cleaned both internally and externally. Parts showing signs of wear are replaced to extend the lifespan.

Transparent Information Provision

We provide you with detailed photos, an accurate description, and an assessment of the technical and aesthetic condition so that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Professional Packaging

Every device is carefully packaged using protective materials designed to maximize safety during transportation.

This ‘TFA High Five’ forms the foundation of our quality assurance system. An audio pre-owned item that successfully passes these five steps is awarded the TFA certificate – your symbol of quality and reliability.

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