Mitsubishi DIATONE DS-35B


These Diatone speakers are amazing. They offer excellent separation and brilliant sound. Both are in robust vintage condition and sound fantastic. These are medium-sized speakers highly respected among high-end and vintage audio enthusiasts. The speakers have a good sensitivity of 91db, making them also suitable for tube amplifiers.

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In stock


Product details

Product: Mitsubishi DIATONE DS-35B Speaker Set
Color: Brown with black

Product description:

Discover the perfect combination of design and performance with the Mitsubishi DIATONE DS-35B speaker set. Characterized by their brown and black finish, these speakers provide an audio experience that is both rich and authentic. They have been carefully designed to deliver superior sound reproduction within the frequency range of 35 Hz to 20 kHz. The set is equipped with advanced drivers, including a 30 cm woofer and a 10 cm mid-range squaker, plus a 3 cm dome type tweeter for crystal clear highs

Cosmetic description

These speakers are in a vintage condition with signs of use, which we have clearly indicated in the photos to show the aesthetics of the product.

Functional notes

The DS-35B uses a newly developed low-distortion magnetic circuit and special materials to reduce non-linear distortion, significantly improving sound quality.


– Units used: For bass: 30 cm cone type, For midrange: 10 cm cone type, For treble: 3 cm dome type
– Nominal impedance: 6 Ω
– Frequency band display: 35 Hz to 20 kHz
– Transition frequencies: 800 Hz, 5 kHz
– Output sound pressure level: 91dB/W (New JIS)
– Maximum input: 80W
– Level control: Mid range: 3 positions (800 Hz to 5 kHz), High frequencies: 3 positions (5 kHz to 20 kHz)
– External dimensions: Width 365 x Height 655 x Depth 321 mm
– Weight: 21kg

– 90 days warranty