AVI DM12 Actieve speakers


compact AVI DM12 active monitors in cherry. High-quality drivers, class A/B amplifiers, Wolfson DAC. Just add streamer or CD for top sound!

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Product details

Product: AVI DM12 active speakers
Color: cherry
New price: €3000 (2017)


Product description
The AVI DM12 speakers are a remarkable combination of advanced audio technology and excellent craftsmanship. Although AVI no longer exists as a company, these speakers are known for their durability and ability to be fully restored; all parts are still available.

Cosmetic description
The speakers are in very nice condition with virtually no signs of wear, which are clearly indicated in the photos. They are available in a range of beautiful finishes, making them a stylish addition to any listening room.

Functional notes
The DM12 features high-speed, linear, analog bipolar amplifiers with 75 WPC for the tweeters and 250 WPC for the bass drivers, with system distortion typically better than 0.002%. The speakers have an active 8th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover at 2.0kHz and a state-of-the-art analogue preamplifier with two digital and one analogue inputs.

Type: Active speakers
Amplifier: 75 WPC for tweeters, 250 WPC for bass drivers
Crossover: Active 8th order Linkwitz-Riley at 2.0kHz
Distortion: Typically better than 0.002%
Inputs: Two digital and one analog input
12 months warranty
possibly including stands