Linn Keilidh


The Linn Keilidh Floorstanding Speakers from Linn are notably robustly built. These two-way speakers feature two mid/bass drivers surrounding a tweeter for a stable sound source. The crossover is made with high-quality components, and direct soldering of the input sockets reduces wiring. The ceramic dome tweeter, also used in KABER and KELTIK speakers, ensures clear transients. The bass drivers, configured in parallel, efficiently work together with the tweeter, resulting in a speaker that is both powerful and enjoyable for listening to music.

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Out of stock


Product Details:

Manufacturer: Linn
Model: Keilidh
Made in: United Kingdom
Colors: Black
Original Price: €1175.97

Product Description:

The Linn Keilidh Floorstanding Speakers, a product from the renowned manufacturer Linn from 1992, is known for its high-quality sound and durability. This model, made in the United Kingdom, offers an authentic audio experience, ideal for music enthusiasts.

Cosmetic Description:

In beautiful condition with minimal signs of use. These signs are clearly visible in the photos, but do not detract from the speaker’s elegant appearance. Comes without a front.

Functional Notes:

The Keilidh functions excellently and has been thoroughly tested. All parts operate as intended, with reliable and consistent sound quality.

Technical Specifications:

Construction: 2-way
Drivers: 1x 3/4″ tweeter, 2x 6 1/4″ bass driver
Efficiency: [Add efficiency]
Frequency Response: Passive: 50Hz-20kHz
Crossover: 2.8kHz
Impedance: 4 Ohm


Linn Keilidh Speaker
90-day warranty