Kef 104/2 Reconditioned With KUBE

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The Kef 104/2 Reconditioned Floor-Standing Speakers With KUBE in a sleek black design combine classic aesthetics with updated technology. After a careful overhaul, these speakers offer KEF’s trusted top quality with a fresh touch. Perfect for audiophiles who appreciate both style and superior sound quality

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Product details:

Product: Kef 104/2 Reconditioned Floor-Standing Speakers With KUBE
Color: Black Original finish

Product description:

Discover the exceptional KEF 104/2 speakers, presented in their original, beautiful condition. These iconic speakers are a jewel for the audiophile, known for their impeccable sound and timeless design. The cosmetic condition is excellent; they have fully retained their authentic charm with only minimal signs of use, as captured in the attached photos.

Cosmetic description:

The KEF 104/2 set is in exceptionally good condition with only minor signs of use. The integrity of the design and finish has been meticulously respected, making this set a wonderful asset to any lover of both visual and acoustic heritage.

Functional notes:

What sets these speakers apart is not only their aesthetic appeal, but also their phenomenal acoustic performance. The KEF 104/2 is known for its clear sound reproduction, low distortion and stable stereo imaging. Thanks to the recent overhaul, in which all edges were replaced and the ferrofluid was renewed, the speakers perform like new again.


– Type: 5-driver speaker system
– Frequency response: 55Hz to 20kHz
– Impedance: 4Ω
– Sensitivity: 92dB
– Housing: 53 liters, coupled cavity
– Dimensions: 900 x 280 x 415mm
– Weight: 32kg
– Year of publication: 1984


– KEF 104/2 speakers
– Original KEF 104/2 KUBE
– 12 months warranty