TDL Studio

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The TDL studio speaker set is characterized by its advanced transmission line loading and bi-radial bass unit. These technologies provide a deeper and fuller sound, ideal for lovers of high sound quality.
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Product: TDL Studio
Color: Black

Product description:
Experience acoustic perfection with the TDL studio speakers, which are groundbreaking with their full transmission line load. With an innovative bi-radial bass unit, these speakers offer a larger piston area than is traditionally achievable, enabling a deeper and fuller sound.

Cosmetic description:
These speakers are in beautiful condition and show only minimal signs of use, which are carefully documented in the attached photos. The photos show that the aesthetic integrity of the speakers has been meticulously maintained.

Functional notes:
The TDL  Speakers are vocally sublime, producing a sound that is as magical as it is effortless. These speakers are undemanding and integrate seamlessly with most audio sources. They have recently been serviced and are in very good condition. Comes from the first owner, including the original purchase receipt.

– Load type: Full transmission line
– Bass unit: Bi-radial configuration

– 90 days warranty