Cadence Anina


A perfect blend of electrostatic and dynamic technology, the Cadence Anina speaker delivers unparalleled sound with clarity, detail and a wide soundstage.

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Cadence Anina Electrostatic Hybrid Floorstanding Speaker


Product description

Introduced in 2006, the Cadence Anina Electrostatic Hybrid Floorstanding speaker is a perfect blend of electrostatic technology and traditional dynamic drivers. This masterpiece from Cadence delivers an unparalleled sound experience and is known for its clarity, detail and wide soundstage.

Cosmetic description

These Cadence Anina speakers are in beautiful condition with only minor signs of wear, which are hardly worth mentioning. We have clearly indicated all signs of use in the photos to provide a transparent picture of the condition.

Functional notes

The speakers have recently undergone extensive maintenance. All components have been thoroughly checked, cleaned and replaced if necessary. This makes them sound like new again and is ready for many more years of musical enjoyment.

Hybrid design: Electrostatic panels for crystal clear high and mid frequencies, dynamic woofers for deep and powerful bass.
High-resolution audio: Suitable for high-resolution audio, vinyl and standard audio tracks, where every detail is audible.
Elegant finish: Stylish and timeless design that fits seamlessly into any interior.
Solid Construction: High-quality materials ensure durability and optimal sound performance.
Original retail price: $5,500 when launched in 2006.


Cadence Anina Electrostatic Hybrid Floorstanding Speakers (set of 2)
Original manual
Maintenance report