Sony PS-X55


Equipped with a strobe light for precise speed control and a handy ‘repeat’ function for uninterrupted listening pleasure.” These features emphasize the user-friendliness and technological advancement of the device.

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Product details

Product: Sony PS-X55 Record Player
Color: Black/Silver



Product description

The Sony PS-X55 is a fully automatic direct-drive turntable known for its reliability and excellent build quality. Manufactured between 1980 and 1981, this turntable offers a solid listening experience with advanced features.

Cosmetic description

The turntable is in very nice condition with a small, more obvious sign of use on the dust cover, which is clearly indicated in the photos.

Functional notes

The PS-X55 features easy-to-use automatic functions and stable performance, thanks to its direct-drive motor and crystal lock control.

Aluminum alloy platter
Linear, brushless and slotless motor
Direct drive system
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS
Signal to noise ratio: 78dB
Dimensions: 430 x 135 x 375mm
Weight: 8kg


Sony PS-X55 Record Player

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