Clearaudio Concept Silver

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The Clearaudio Concept record player sets the new standard. The highest technical requirements, made in Germany and a timeless and innovative design ensure a great record player with very good sound quality. The Clearaudio Concept is equipped with a friction-free magnetic bearing toner arm. The MM cartridge completes this record player

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Product details

Product: Clearaudio Concept Silver
Color: Silver / Black
Assembly: Basic + TA035 Concept tonearm + MM012 cartridge

Product description

The Clearaudio Concept Silver is a masterpiece of audiophile technology, specially equipped with the Basis + TA035 Concept tonearm and MM012 cartridge for exceptional sound quality. This combination increases precision and musical depth, giving vinyl enthusiasts a new dimension of listening pleasure.

Cosmetic description

With its stunning silver finish and high-contrast black chassis, the Concept Silver embodies the perfect balance between aesthetics and technology. The carefully chosen materials and sleek design create a visually appealing turntable that stands out in any room.

Functional notes

The Concept Silver is designed for seamless integration into any audio system, with easy setup and user-friendly controls. The unique combination of the TA035 Concept tonearm and MM012 cartridge offers unprecedentedly accurate tracking and exceptional sound quality. Please note: due to the specific assembly.

Speeds: 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM
Electronic speed control
Tonearm: TA035 Concept with magnetic bearing
Cartridge: MM012
Dimensions: 16.54" wide, 13.78" deep, 5.51" high
Weight: Approximately 16.5 lbs.

Turntable assembled with Base + TA035 Concept tonearm + MM012 cartridge
2 year warranty

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