Clearaudio Concept Black – Virtuoso V2 MM

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The Clearaudio Concept record player, with German precision and a friction-free magnetic tonearm plus premium VIRTUOSO V2 MM element, delivers superior sound quality.

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Product details

Product: Clearaudio Concept Black
Color: Black/Black
Assembly: Basic + TA035 Concept tonearm + CLEARAUDIO VIRTUOSO V2 MM cartridge




Product description

The Clearaudio Concept Black sets a new standard in audiophile performance, featuring the Basis + TA035 Concept tonearm and the refined CLEARAUDIO VIRTUOSO V2 MM cartridge. This turntable offers unprecedented dynamics and sonic clarity, exceeding the expectations of vinyl enthusiasts and treating them to a rich listening experience.

Cosmetic description

The Concept Silver combines an eye-catching Black finish with a stylish Black chassis, creating a visually appealing focal point that complements both modern and classic interiors. The traditionally polished ebony elements and the anti-resonance metal plate accentuate the luxurious appearance.

Functional notes

Designed for effortless integration into high-end audio systems, the Concept Silver offers smooth and easy operation. The TA035 Concept tonearm, reinforced with stronger magnets, in combination with the CLEARAUDIO VIRTUOSO V2 MM cartridge guarantees precision, depth and a lively musical reproduction that goes beyond the standard.


Speeds: 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM with electronic speed control
Tonearm: TA035 Concept with magnetic bearing
Cartridge: CLEARAUDIO VIRTUOSO V2 MM cartridge, made of ebony and equipped with a hand-polished needle for superior dynamics and sound reproduction
Dimensions: 16.54″ wide, 13.78″ deep, 5.51″ high
Weight: Approximately 16.5 lbs.


Turntable assembled with Base + TA035 Concept tonearm + CLEARAUDIO VIRTUOSO V2 MM cartridge
2 year warranty