Musical Fidelity X-Ray


Musical Fidelity X-Ray CD player offers superior sound quality with Delta Sigma 24-bit DAC and includes remote control

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Product details

Product: Musical Fidelity X-Ray CD player
Color: Silver

Product description

The Musical Fidelity X-Ray is a high-quality CD player that uses powerful digital technologies to provide superior sound quality. This model, visible in 1998, is equipped with a Delta Sigma 24-bit DAC with 8 times oversampling, which provides powerful efficient and detailed sound reproduction. The X-Ray is designed to naturally reproduce the harmonic structure of instruments and voices, with a frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 105dB.

Cosmetic description
The Musical Fidelity X-Ray is in beautiful condition with minimal signs of use. These marks are clearly marked in the photos, giving potential buyers a good idea of ​​the aesthetic condition of the device.

Functional notes
The CD player is fully functional and delivers sound quality that will exceed the expectations of most audio files. The small enclosure helps dampen vibrations and allows the disc mechanism to function with less error correction, resulting in cleaner sound reproduction.


Format: CD
DAC: Delta Sigma, 24 bit, 8x oversampling
Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz
S/N ratio: 105dB
THD: 0.006%
Digital connections: coaxial, optical
Dimensions: 230 x 110 x 320 mm
Accessories: Remote control

Remote control

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