Synergistic Research Foundation SX Power Cable 1,5M

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Foundation SX power cables use 3×12 or 3×10 copper alloy conductors, more than enough for the power needs of your system, including amplifiers. Added are 2x pure silver Air String geometries, handmade in California for better dynamics and focus. Featuring new UEF technology and advanced SRX cable conditioning for lower noise levels and superior sound quality

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Product details

Product: Synergistic Research Foundation SX Power Cable
Color: black

Product description

The Synergistic Research Foundation SX power cable is designed for powerful power delivery with a focus on sound improvement and reduced interference. The cable used synthetic technologies such as UEF Matrix Shielding with graphene, which helps lower the noise floor and improve the desired quality. It also contains carbon fiber UEF modifier discs for a more holographic sound. Quantum Tunneling treatment is applied for improved conduction.

Cosmetic description

The cable has an intricate construction, with attention to detail and finish, improved from high quality to achieve both performance and durability.

Functional notes

Specially treated with SRX Quantum Tunneling, the cable uses Synergistic Research’s patented technologies to maximize sound quality by reducing noise and improving harmonic presentation and dynamics.


Connectors: Pure copper and gold IEC connectors.
Current and voltage rating: rated for 20 amps/125 volts (US) and 16 amps/250 volts (EU/AU/UK)​



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Your system includes two Carbon Tuning Discs, worth € 125, to achieve a personalized tuning. Use the Gold disc for a warm and systematic sound while retaining detail, or the Purple disc for more expansion and a holographic sound experience. You can also choose not to use them; the choice is all yours!