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The VONDITA-X is inspired by the concept of an “Enchanting Tone”. Users who have experienced the sound often describe it as magical and some even as artistic. The VONDITA-X is seen as a beautiful and magical work of art that continues to fascinate. It brings the singer’s voice to life against the silent background of the room, giving off a mysterious and shimmering tone.

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Product details

Product: OYAIDE VONDITA-X Power Cable
Color: Red with black connectors

Product description

The OYAIDE VONDITA-X is a premium quality power cable designed to provide the best sound experience for high-end audio systems. It is characterized by a unique structure and use of high-quality materials such as 102SSC copper for the conductors, and an outer sheath of PVC and polyolefin. The cable has a length of 1.8 meters and a diameter of 13.0 mm.

Cosmetic description

The cable is in perfect condition – rated 10!

Functional notes

The cable has special AC power plug connectors, model V-XY and V-XX, with platinum, palladium, and gold plating, which together ensure optimal sound quality. The connectors are made of beryllium copper, known for its excellent conductive properties.

Length: 1.8 meters
Conductor material: 102SSC copper
Insulating material: Polymer polyolefin
Shielding: Copper foil
External Jacket: PVC + Polyolefin
Connectors: V-XY / V-XX (Platinum, Palladium and Gold plating)
Diameter: 13.0mm
Rated Voltage/Current: 125V / 15A


Full packaging with all original accessories.

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