Neotech Earphone Cable Nece 3001 II


Neotech Headphone Cable Nece 3001 II is a high-quality earphone cable that is designed for superior sound quality with 4 multi-core UP-OCC copper Litz conductors. It features PVC insulation for protection and is wrapped in a nylon braided sheath for a stylish finish. The cable combines design and functionality with a cross-section of 4 x 0.05 mm².

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In stock


Product details:

Product: Neotech Earphone Cable Nece 3001 II
Length: 1.2M

Product Description:
This high-quality earphone cable from Neotech is expertly crafted for the ultimate listening experience. It consists of 4 multi-strand UP-OCC copper Litz conductors and ensures unparalleled signal transmission and durability. Each conductor is wrapped in PVC insulation for optimal protection, while the entire unit is wrapped in a durable nylon braided outer sheath for a refined aesthetic appeal. With a cross-section of 4 x 0.05 mm², this cable offers the perfect mix of design and functionality

Litz Construction: Each copper wire is coated with polyurethane. This reduces the impact of both the skin effect and the proximity effect.

Total diameter: 2.5mm
Conductor with insulation: 0.9 mm
Copper conductor: 0.05mm (consisting of 45 strands)

2 year warranty!