Neotech NES-3005 MKII Speaker Cable


The Neotech NES-3005 MKII Speaker Cable is designed with six high-quality UP-OCC copper conductors, ideal for both home and professional audio installations. The cable has a striking red and black braided pattern.

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Product: Neotech NES-3005 MKII Speaker Cable
Color: Red and Black

Product description

The Neotech NES-3005 MKII speaker cable is a high-quality product that uses “single crystal” UP-OCC copper, developed by Professor Ohno of the China Institute of Technology in Japan. This cable is exceptionally pure with a purity of at least 99.99998% and an average crystal size of 125 meters, which is significantly larger than the average crystal size of oxygen-free copper.

This cable consists of six conductors, three red and three black, each with an outer diameter of 2.15 mm and an inner diameter of 1.15 mm, made of multi-stranded UP-OCC copper. Each conductor is composed of the following combination: 2x 0.5mm, 6x 0.23mm and 32x 0.08mm copper wire and silver-plated copper wire. The approximate thickness of each conductor is 18 AWG, while the total thickness of the positive and negative channels is 13 AWG each.

A single length is used to connect a speaker. Connect all three black conductors for the negative terminal and all three red conductors for the positive terminal, connecting them at both ends to a suitable connector. The cable is sold per meter.

Cosmetic description

The cable has a professional and elegant look with a braided red and black pattern that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers high durability.

Functional notes
High-quality UP-OCC copper conductors for excellent signal transmission
Silver-plated copper wires for improved conductivity
Ideal for high-quality audio installations
Suitable for use in both home and professional audio setups
External diameter: 2.15 mm per conductor
Internal diameter: 1.15 mm per conductor
Number of conductors: 6 (3 red, 3 black)
Diameter strands: 2x 0.5mm, 6x 0.23mm, 32x 0.08mm
Approximate conductor thickness: 18 AWG
Total thickness positive/negative channels: 13 AWG
Neotech NES-3005 MKII Speaker Cable per meter

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