Furutech Jumperflux B

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Manufactured with advanced Alpha OCC conductors and Rhodium connectors, the Furutech Jumperflux B jumper cables are designed for superior sound enhancement of speakers. Known for their exceptional conduction and transparent sound reproduction, they are ideal for audiophiles who strive for the highest sound quality.

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Product: Furutech Jumperflux B Jumperkabels

Color: black

Product description

The Furutech Jumperflux B series consists of high-quality jumper cables, designed to optimize the performance of speakers. These cables reduce feedback between drivers and have a significant impact on sound quality. The conductors are made of Alpha OCC, a very pure copper wire, which has been improved by Furutech with a unique cryogenic treatment. The connectors are made with Rhodium, a highly conductive and precious metal that provides an exceptionally transparent sound.

Construction and Materials
7 bundles of 19-wire Alpha-OCC conductor, 0.18 mm, 12AWG
Insulation: Special audio grade PVC, outer diameter: 4.5 mm
Sheath: RoHS compliant braided nylon, approximately 5.5 mm
Connectors: FP-200B(R) bananas
Cable length: 20 cm/piece

Electrical Properties of the Cable
Maximum resistance of the conductor: 5.4Ω/km JISC3005 6 20℃
Minimum insulation resistance: 2500 MΩ-km JISC3005 9.1 20℃
Dielectric strength: AC. 3000V/1 min. JISC3005 8

Set of Furutech Jumperflux B jumper cables

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