Electrocompaniet EC-4.7


Discover the Electrocompaniet EC-4.7, a preamplifier that excels in sound quality and design, perfect for the sophisticated audio connoisseur.
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Product details
Product: Electrocompaniet EC-4.7 Preamplifier
Color: Black with gold accents.
Product description

The Electrocompaniet EC-4.7 is a specified preamplifier known for its detailed sound and distinct naturalness. The device has a fully balanced construction and offers a quiet background that combines powerful and pure and lively sound reproduction.

Cosmetic description

The device is in beautiful condition with minimal signs of use, which are clearly indicated in the photos.

Functional notes

The EC-4.7 is equipped with one fully balanced and five single-ended inputs. It also features a balanced and a single-ended line output and two fixed single-ended outputs for recording. The preamplifier has a motorized volume control so as not to affect the audio performance.

Frequency response: 1Hz to 65kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.001%
Signal to noise ratio: 100dB (line)
Channel separation: 90dB (line)
Output: 8V (Pre-out Max)
Dimensions: 483 x 115 x 410 mm
Weight: 8kg
Year: 2013

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