LFA 150 Mono Block Power Amplifiers


Discover the LFA 150 mono block amplifiers: powerful (150 watts at 8 ohm), with a ‘Low Feedback Amplifier’ design for low feedback. They use fast ring-emitter transistors for smooth, fatigue-free music reproduction.

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Product Details:

Product: LFA Self-Build Mono Blocks
Color: Black

Product Description:

Discover the rare LFA 150 mono block power amplifiers, where ‘150’ indicates the impressive power these powerhouses can deliver at an 8-ohm load. The name LFA stands for ‘Low Feedback Amplifier’, indicating a design with low feedback. It uses extremely fast ring-emitter transistors, ensuring your favorite music is reproduced smoothly and without any fatigue or harshness, regardless of the part of the sound spectrum.

Cosmetic Description:

The device is in beautiful condition with minimal signs of use, which we have carefully captured in the attached photos.

Functional Notes:

These amplifier blocks use fast ring-emitter transistors to provide an accurate and dynamic audio experience, without compromising quality at any volume.

– Power: 150W per block at an 8-ohm load
– Design: Low-feedback amplifier
– Transistors: High-quality ring-emitter models for superior speed and response

– 90-day warranty, ensuring the integrity and operation of the amplifier blocks.

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