Nuforce Reference 8.5 v2

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The Nuforce Reference 8.5 v2 Mono Power Amplifiers are synonymous with acoustic perfection, brought about by cutting-edge innovation and a commitment to excellent sound quality. They offer a clear and neutral sound, rich in both fine detail and dynamic power. With these amplifiers you will experience smooth bass and clear mids that fill the room with purity and precision. Created for those who want to hear and appreciate every sonic detail, they deliver an unparalleled listening experience that showcases every element of the music.

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Product details:

– Product: NuForce Mono blocks amplifiers
Color: Available in black and silver

Product description:

These NuForce Mono blocks amplifiers are known for their tonally neutral sound reproduction, with a slight preference for clarity. They offer an agile and rhythmic bass that is well defined, without sounding dry. The midtones are particularly transparent and detailed, with an improved color palette and refinement, free from harshness or graininess. While some listeners may desire a fuller body to the sound, the treble is straightforward, open, clear, clean and defined. The amplifiers provide a wide and spacious sound image, with the music flowing freely into the room. Improvements in contour definition, separation and depth are possible with a small price increase. Rhythm-related sounds such as percussion, piano, and plucked strings are reproduced with exceptional immediacy, eliminating boredom.

Cosmetic description:

The cosmetic condition of the amplifiers is very good, with a score of 8.5 out of 10. This indicates a lightly used condition with minimal signs of wear.

Functional notes:

Technically the amplifiers are in perfect condition with a score of 10 out of 10. They have been professionally maintained and function without any problems. A small noise when switching off the speakers may be noticed, but this is rarely seen as a problem, partly because many choose to leave the amplifiers on continuously due to the low power consumption.


– Model: Mono Reference 8.5 V2
– Weight: 3.6 kg
– Dimensions: 21.5 cm width x 5.5 cm height x 35.5 cm depth
– Power consumption: 13 watts in standby
– Inputs: RCA and XLR (impedance: 45 kOhm)
– Outputs: Single pair of terminals (output impedance approx. 10 Milliohm)
– Max output: 160/200 watts into 8/4 ohms


– 90 days warranty

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