Accuphase P-260 Refurbished


The Accuphase P-260 is a highly refined stereo power amplifier, the result of Accuphase’s dedication to the pursuit of ultimate sound quality and the combined expertise of Accuphase’s audio technology.

In the output stage, MOS FETs are used, which are recognized as the most promising power amplification devices. Thanks to the superior properties of MOS FETs, there is no trace of distortion.

The P-260’s Pure Class-A operation shows its effectiveness most in high-end multi-amplification systems.

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Product details

Product: Accuphase P-260
Color: Silver/Champagne

Product description

The Accuphase P-260 is a powerful and powerful stereo power amplifier, loved by audiophiles for its historic performance and durable construction. This specific model was carefully overhauled by Sansuicorner on 25-08-2023, ensuring excellent operation and reliability.

Cosmetic description

This device is in beautiful condition, with minimal signs of use that are clearly visible in the photos. These light signs of use, see the front, these traces are normal for a device of this age and do not affect performance.

Functional notes

The Accuphase P-260 is fully tested and effective. All functions work as intended, and internal components have been cleaned and replaced as necessary to ensure optimal performance. This power amplifier offers unparalleled sound quality thanks to its excellent power capacity and low harmonic distortion. The signal-to-noise ratio ensures crystal-clear audio reproduction without disturbing background noise. With its rugged construction and intricate design, this unit is a valuable addition to any high-end audio system.

Output power: 130W per channel (8 ohms)
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 115 dB
Total harmonic distortion: <0.01%
Inputs: RCA
Outputs: Speaker terminals
Dimensions: 445 x 160 x 410 mm
Weight: 22 kg

Accuphase P-260 Power Amplifier
power cable

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