Tellurium Q Iridium


The Tellurium Q Iridium is an excellent phono preamplifier known for its clarity and ability to accurately reproduce musical details. This unit combines rugged build quality with high-fidelity sound performance, ideal for audiophiles who want to explore the nuances in their vinyl collection.

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In stock


Product details

Product: Tellurium Q Iridium Phonestage
Colour: Silver

Product description

The Tellurium Q Iridium is an extensive phono preamplifier with separate moving coil and moving magnet stages. The moving coil stage features a buffer and gain to reduce noise. The moving magnet stage is reliable to within +/- 0.5dB of standard R.I.A.A., which is identically invalid.

Cosmetic description

The device is in beautiful condition with minimal signs of use.

Functional notes

The Iridium includes a regulated power supply with hum/ripple suppression technology and a 30VA toroidal transformer with large reservoir capacitors. This minimizes interference from the electricity grid. Includes both volume-controlled and non-volume-controlled outputs for flexible integration into various audio systems.

MM Input: Sensitivity 2.5mV, Impedance 47K Ohm
MC Input: Sensitivity 0.25mV, Impedance 100 Ohm
Frequency response: 1Hz to 100KHz
Separation: 80dB
Noise reduction and low distortion

Phonestage unit