Primare R20 MM/MC


The Primare R20 is a high-end MM/MC phono preamplifier, this phono pre can be combined very well with a wide range of elements with adjustable input impedance.

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In stock


Product details
Product: Primare R20 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier
Color: black

Product description

The Primare R20 is designed for the audio field that wants to get the ultimate sound from their vinyl collection. This high-end phono preamplifier is compatible with both MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) elements, making it a random choice for lovers of high-quality sound. With integrated input impedance and the ability to work even with high-output MC cartridges such as the Denon DL-110, the R20 offers endless flexibility and performance.

Cosmetic description

The device is in beautiful condition with minimal signs of use, which we have clearly indicated in the photos. The heavy steel housing and the precision etched front panel demonstrate the quality and durability of this Swedish phono preamplifier.

Functional notes

The Primare R20 stands out for its audio quality, with discrete components from top manufacturers for superior sound. The dual-mono design philosophy and gold-plated RCA connectors with Teflon insulation ensure optimal signal transfer. The transformer’s special winding technique minimizes magnetic leakage for the best possible performance.

Compatibility: MM/MC cartridges
Install a simple entrance
Discrete components for optimal sound quality
Dual mono design
Gold-plated RCA connectors with Teflon insulation
Special transformer winding against magnetic leakage


Primare R20 MM/MC Phono preamplifier

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