Electrocompaniet ECI 2


A legendary piece of audio equipment from the 1970s, the Electrocompaniet 2 Channel Audio Amplifier offers exceptional sound quality and innovative design. This copy in black is in beautiful condition with minimal signs of wear and has been carefully maintained. With a power of 25 watts per channel, a frequency range of 0 – 100 kHz, and low distortion thanks to its advanced design, this amplifier delivers a warm, tube-like sound reproduction.

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In stock


Product: Electrocompaniet ECI 2
Color: black

Product description

The Electrocompaniet 2 Channel Audio Amplifier is a classic in the world of high-fidelity audio equipment. This amplifier is known for its exceptional sound quality and innovative design. Originally introduced in the 1970s, this amplifier has earned a reputation as one of the finest solid-state amplifiers ever produced, thanks to the contributions of pioneers such as Dr. Matti Otala and Jan Lohstroh.

Cosmetic description

This particular example is in nice condition, with minimal signs of wear which are clearly indicated in the photos. The housing is well maintained.

Functional notes

The amplifier functions perfectly and offers a warm, tube-like sound reproduction with high precision and low distortion. All internal components have been checked and meet specifications, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

• Power: 25 watts per channel
• Frequency range: 0 – 100 kHz
• Distortion: Very low, thanks to the advanced design
• Feedback: 20 dB, later increased to 30 dB for better sound quality
• Design: Based on Otala-Lohstroh circuit, with improved Philips transistors.

• Electrocompaniet 2 Channel Amplifier
• Power cable

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