Monster Power HTS 2600


The Monster Power HTS 2600 significantly improves audio performance by reducing background noise and improving dynamics for a superior listening experience.

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Product details

Product: Monster Power HTS 2600 conditioner
Color: black

Product description

The Monster Power HTS 2600 is a powerful power conditioner that significantly improves audio performance. By reducing background noise, improving dynamics and refining the soundstage, this unit provides a superior listening experience. With its advanced features and versatility, the HTS2600 is an essential addition to any high-quality audio system.

Cosmetic description

The Monster Power HTS 2600 is in excellent condition with minimal signs of use. The cosmetic condition is carefully documented in the attached photos, which show that the device has been well maintained and retains its aesthetic charm.

Functional notes

This power conditioner is fully functional and provides reliable performance. With its T2 microprocessor-controlled protection circuit and Monster Clean Power™ Stage 2 line conditioning technology, the HTS2600 ensures a stable and optimized power supply to your audio equipment.


  • Colour black
  • Power conditioning technology: Monster Clean Power™ Stage 2 (v.2.0)
  • Filter options: Ultra-high current audio, analog audio, video
  • Protection functions: T2 microprocessor-controlled protection circuit

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