Denon DVD-A1XV


The Denon DVD-A1XV offers superior picture and sound quality with support for multiple disc formats, including HDMI and component video outputs for a versatile connection to your entertainment system.

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Product details

Product: Denon DVD-A1XV
Color: Silver

Product description:
The Denon DVD-A1XV is a high-end DVD audio and video player that offers superior image and sound quality. This device supports various formats such as DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Super Audio CD and standard audio CDs. It features multiple outputs, including HDMI, component video, and digital audio outputs, making it a wide choice for any home theater setup.

Cosmetic description:
The device is in nice condition with minimal signs of use which are clearly indicated in the photos. The silver design adds a stylish look to any entertainment system.

Functional Notes:
The Denon DVD-A1XV is fully functional and has been thoroughly tested to find that all functions work as intended. The device offers excellent image and sound quality, as expected from a high-end model from Denon.


Signal system: NTSC/PAL
Suitable discs: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Super Audio CD, CD-DA, Video CD
Video outputs: S-Video, component video, HDMI, DVI-D, RGB
Audio outputs: Optical and coaxial digital outputs, 2-channel and multi-channel analog outputs
Frequency response: 2 Hz to 100 kHz (depending on format)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 125 dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0008%
Dimensions: 434 x 170 x 432 mm
Weight: 19 kg
Power consumption: 80 W


Denon DVD-A1XV player
Remote control

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