Scandyna Blueroom Minipod


With their distinctive aesthetics and superior acoustic performance, the Scandyna Blueroom Minipod speakers are a perfect fusion of form and function. These speakers are the brainwork of Laurence Dickie, a renowned name in the audio world, thanks to his innovative approach.

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Product details
Product: Scandyna Blueroom Minipod Speakers
Color: Lucente Blue

Product description

The Scandyna Blueroom Minipod speakers combine a striking design with high-quality sound performance. Developed by the renowned Laurence Dickie, known for the B&W Nautilus speaker, these speakers offer a unique listening experience. The Minipods are designed with the idea that form follows function, with every design choice having an acoustic justification. The result is a speaker that minimizes cabinet vibration, sound radiation and distortion, allowing sound waves to move more freely.

Cosmetic description

These speakers are in beautiful condition, with minimal signs of use which are clearly indicated in the photos.

Functional notes

The Minipod speakers are known for their clarity and lack of typical ‘box coloration’. They offer a striking openness and detail that reflects the source material very well. The imaging is exceptional, with a great sense of acoustic space around voices and instruments. However, they are limited in overall volume by their size, meaning they are not suitable for extremely loud genres of music.

Designed by Laurence Dickie
Organic design to minimize cabinet vibrations and distortion
Exceptional clarity and detail in sound reproduction
Limited in maximum volume by the size of the speakers

Minipod Speakers