Neotech NCB-80


The Neotech NCB-80 banana plugs are designed for superior audio performance with gold-plated OFC copper conductors and cryogenic treatment for improved durability and conductivity. Suitable for cables up to 5 mm.

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Product details

Product: Neotech NCB-80 Banana Plugs (set of 4)
Color: Gold/Black

Product description

The Neotech NCB-80 banana plugs are made of high-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) and are gold-plated for optimal resistance to corrosion and oxidation. These plugs are also cryogenically treated to improve conductivity and durability. They can accept cables up to 5mm in diameter and use a screw lock for secure attachment.

Cosmetic description

The Neotech NCB-80 banana plugs have an elegant and professional appearance with a gold finish, which not only offers a luxurious appearance but also extends the life of the connectors by preventing oxidation.

Functional notes
High-quality OFC copper conductors for excellent signal transmission
Gold plated for maximum corrosion resistance
Cryogenically treated for improved conductivity and durability
Suitable for cables up to Ø5 mm in diameter
Easy installation with a single screw closure

Material: High-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC)
Finish: Gold plated
Treatment: Cryogenic treatment
Cable diameter: Up to 5 mm
Fastening: Screw closure
Length: 55mm
Diameter: 15mm (widest point)

Set of 4 Neotech NCB-80 banana plugs

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