Atoll PR400 Signature


The Atoll PR400 Signature preamplifier provides a seamless and uniform musical experience across the entire spectrum of listening volumes and musical styles. Through meticulous attention to design details and component selection, even the subtlest sounds, such as the lightest breaths and the artists’ intentions, are conveyed with remarkable clarity and naturalness. This allows listeners to clearly distinguish even the finest nuances and shades of color in the music.

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Product details
Product: Atoll PR400 Signature Preamplifier
Color: Available in black and silver.


Product Description

The Atoll PR400 Signature is a state-of-the-art preamplifier characterized by a dual-mono configuration with one low-noise transformer per channel. This device offers exceptional sound quality, with a transparent and detailed sound image that accurately preserves the different sound layers. The PR400 Signature is equipped with separate potentiometers and selection relays for each channel, and the coupling capacitors are shielded to avoid parasitic noise. The volume control is performed by two motorized ALPS potentiometers that are perfectly synchronized.

Cosmetic description

The front panel of the PR400 Signature is made of 10 mm brushed aluminum, which gives the device an elegant and modern look. The design is symmetrical with discrete components, making the preamplifier not only visually appealing but also offering superior sound quality.

Functional notes

The PR400 Signature offers a range of connectivity options, including five stereo line inputs, two stereo XLR inputs, and a BY-PASS input. Outputs include a stereo tape output, two stereo preamp outputs, two stereo XLR outputs, and a 12V trigger output. A 6.35mm headphone jack is also available.

Current capacity: 112,000 µF
Input impedance: 357 kOhm
Sensitivity: 4 V
Rise time: 0.4 µs
Frequency response: 0.5 Hz to 780 kHz
THD: 0.004%
Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 130 x 370 mm
Weight: 15 kg​.

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