Atoll PH100


The Atoll PH 100 Phono Preamp offers some notable features, including unbalanced RCA jacks for input and output, adjustable DIP switches to tailor it to your turntable setup, and a detachable power cord. Its compact design makes it possible to place the device close to your turntable, resulting in minimal cable connection lengths. The body of the device exudes elegance and sophistication, adding to its immense aesthetics. In terms of sound performance, the Atoll PH 100 delivers impressive tonal richness, with fine detail, coherent sound reproduction, and excellent voice reproduction, making it an excellent choice considering the price/quality ratio.
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Product details
Product: Atoll PH100 ​​Phono Preamplifier
Color: Available in silver and black.


Product Description

The Atoll PH100 ​​is a high-quality phono preamplifier that delivers exceptional sound quality when playing vinyl records. It has a fully balanced design, high-quality components, and precise engineering. It is a popular choice among audiophiles and music lovers who appreciate accurate, detailed audio reproduction.

Cosmetic description

The front is made of 4 mm brushed aluminum. The device has a sturdy construction and is designed to withstand external interference, with a metal housing that protects the audio stages.

Functional notes

The PH100 ​​is equipped with two high-quality, low-noise transformers (one per channel) and four regulated power supplies. It supports MM/MC cartridges with adjustable input impedance and capacitance from the rear of the chassis. The total harmonic distortion is 0.05%​​​​.

Cartridge Type: MM/MC
Input impedance: 47k or 100k
Input capacitance: 100 pF or nothing
MM Gain: 40 dB
MC High Gain: 47 dB
MC Low Gain: 60 dB
THD: 0.05%
Dimensions: 320×210×63 mm
Weight: 2 Kg​.