Atoll Electronique IN400SE


The Atoll Électronique IN400SE stands out for its elegant appearance and is at the top of the range of integrated amplifiers from this French company. Both the technical and aesthetic decisions behind the IN400SE’s design are tailored to achieve the most musical performance.

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Product details
Product: Atoll Electronique IN400SE Integrated Amplifier
Color: Available in Black and Silver


Product Description

The Atoll IN400SE is an advanced integrated amplifier that combines aesthetics and technical superiority for optimal musical reproduction. The device is designed with a 2mm steel chassis and a 10mm aluminum front panel, equipped with solid aluminum side fins for effective heat dissipation and vibration dampening.

Cosmetic description

The IN400SE exudes refined elegance with its thick aluminum front panel and robust steel chassis. The uniquely shaped aluminum side fins are not only functional for cooling but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the design, effectively dampening mechanical vibrations.

Functional notes

This amplifier uses a symmetrical design with discrete components for the preamplification and output stages, equipped with an oversized 1015 VA toroidal transformer, and has a total capacitance of 93,000 µF. This ensures powerful, detailed sound reproduction with low distortion over a wide frequency range. The amplifier offers extensive connectivity, including USB-B, XLR, and RCA inputs, and is designed for the accurate reproduction of subtle musical details.

Output power: 160W per channel at 8Ω, 300W at 4Ω
Power supply: 1015 VA
Total capacitance of the capacitors: 93,400 µF
Number of entrances: 7 + 1 BY-PASS
Frequency response: 5Hz–100kHz
Dimensions: 440370130 mm
Weight: 18 Kg​​​​​​

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